The Cedar

A powerful PC with a beautiful difference.

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About The cedar

The Cedar comes with a removable 17.3" LCD screen that is easily slotted in at the back of the case eliminating the need for any untidy power or video cables. This allows you to remove the screen completely giving the illusion that the PC is'nt even there. The Cedar comes with two compartments located to the right of the case. These house the 17.3" screen along with wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse-pad. Almost everything can be upgraded, from the motherboard, CPU and RAM, right down to the type of hardwood The Cedar is made from, meaning you can simply upgrade your current PC when the time comes rather than buying new.

The Cedar is built in two halves meaning you can mix and match the the finest natural Oak, Walnut, Ash, Beech or Maple to give you an even more unique PC. The case is not coated in any chemicals or oils to showcase the natural texture and feel of the wood.

We want everyone to have a unique PC. There is the option to upgrade all or some of your PC components, specify your choice of hardwood and customise the case with engravings.

Use the simple order form below to create your custom PC and we will get building. Please note that as every PC is built by hand to order it may take up to 4 weeks for your PC to arrive.